Our winery was created in 1960, in the heart of the Côtes-du-Rhône appellation by visionary winemakers. Indeed their ambition was great: to build a new winery outside the villages in order to bring the best of the vineyard, and to produce great wines for bottling.

Today, the Vignerons des 4 Chemins group together 120 winemakers who combine their know-how and dynamism to keep this fame.

Our cellar built on the hillside naturally retains an ideal temperature for both winemaking and aging. The natural slope is exploited to limit the use of pumps and preserves both the environment and the quality of the harvest.

We develop and market only wines from our different terroirs. We are producers and representatives of the cooperation



We have all the technical and personnel necessary for the production of today’s wines.We harvest very early in the morning in order to keep the freshness. The cellar is equipped with 6 pneumatic presses, stainless steel tanks and coated concrete, modern pumps and a high cold power. We also practice inerting (protection against oxygen) at all stages of our production, in order to produce wines of superior quality. The cellar is also equipped with a wine cellar for the reds, suitable and modern. The ageing is then carried out either in concrete vats or, for some vintages, in the barrel cellar where alchemy, the magic of wood goes hand in hand with wine.